BDANENY Scholarship...

The Association designates funds for the higher education of its members at accredited vocational schools and undergraduate programs. Applicants must be individuals with or immediate family members of individuals with a congenital bleeding disorder and be dues-paying members of the Association. One award will be granted per year for members living within the same immediate household. Depending upon available funds and the degree program in which enrolled, the BDANENY will award up to two $1000 scholarships per academic year.

Applications must be submitted by March 15.

Click here to download an application, and click here to download the rubrics used for evaluating each scholarship.

More scholarships for the bleeding disorder community can be found here.

For further information, contact Member Services:
Bleeding Disorders Association of NENY, Inc.
333 Broadway
Suite 320
​Troy, NY 12180

Bleeding Disorder Scholarship Opportunities...


Here are the 2018 Academic Scholarships for Students with Bleeding Disorders (sorted by the date they are due) received by the BDANENY.

BDANENY tries to keep these scholarships up-to-date.  Please click on the link to go to the scholarship website to check for updates.

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